Lately, new mothers have been obsessing over their weight and body shape after pregnancy, and it is understandable why. On average, a woman gains about thirty pounds during pregnancy. The baby, amniotic fluid and placenta account for only half of that which means that they have about fifteen to twenty pounds to shed after birth to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies. This additional weight comes from the increased blood supply, enlarged breast tissues, fat stores and even the enlarged uterus. This, therefore, means that losing this weight is not as easy as the high-end fashion models and other celebrities make it look.


Needless to say, losing those extra pounds after pregnancy is not going to be a walk in the park. You will need to set realistic goals, plan out a good way to achieve them and work hard for it. Instead of buying your little man’s apparel online think about walking to the shops to get it in person.

In a typical case, you will lose weight after pregnancy even without working out, only at a slower pace. If you plan to accelerate this process, you should see your doctor so that he can advise you on how to set a safe and achievable goal. Usually, he will recommend that you aim for just one or one and a half pounds per week.

You should, however, know that everyone loses weight at their own pace. While most women attain their pre-pregnancy bodies by the sixth month after birth, others take, and some even struggle with it for eighteen months. It all depends on a set of factors that may be different for everyone. They include the age, natural metabolism, level of activity and your diet.


Research has discovered that mothers who breastfeed their babies lose weight faster than those who do not. The number of pounds lost may depend on the amount of milk each woman produces with some burning up to five hundred calories in a day.

Breastfeeding also stimulates the body to release hormones that help in contracting your uterus to a pre-pregnancy state.

There are, however, a few pounds that may not disappear as fast as you want them to no matter how aggressively you breastfeed your baby. This is probably why most women think that this extra weight is necessary as a reserve for breastfeeding. You will need to book in a few gym sessions to lose these.


Diets could prove to be very tricky as your body and the baby’s need you to eat highly nutritious food, and a lot of it. It is not advisable to get on a diet until your baby is old enough, or until your doctor or midwife gives you a go ahead.

Exercise, on the other hand, is quite necessary not just for weight loss but also for your body’s general wellbeing. You will, however, have to wait until you heal completely especially if you underwent a C-section. Make sure your doctor also approves this.

In conclusion, no woman should feel pressured to lose weight after pregnancy. Take time to take care of your body and your baby then work on your body after healing.