Exersaucers are often called stationary activity centers for babies. That’s because there are many fun toys to keep a baby occupied while the adults supervise them. Sometimes, this invention is linked to walking problems or cognitive development delays.
Nowadays, having an exersaucer means being in trend, so let’s define how to choose a proper model.
The first thing you should think about is the baby’s needs. Do you want your baby to bounce being inside? The modern models have the elastic straps which allow the baby to jump while learning how to walk. When you make a choice, make sure the exersaucer won’t be making loud squeaking or other noises. You need to feel safe putting your child in the seat or harness.
Speaking about those straps, you should learn if they are adjustable before you buy it. As the child grows, you’ll be able to change its length according to the baby’s height. This secures babies’ safety when they are jumping.
The best exersaucer is the mobile one. You must be able to detach and wash parts of the activity center because babies can make it dirty very quickly.
The toys (at least some of them) should be detachable as well. This will be convenient if you are helping the baby to learn about the surroundings. You’ll be able to play together.
Usually, the exersaucers are themed. Figure out what your baby likes the most and choose according to its interests. It can be wild animals, sea life, farm animals and pets, etc.
Before you make any decision, you should study the brand and the various models it offers. Pay extra attention to the safety reviews and recommendations from other users. Order the model which will be suitable for your baby’s weight and age because usually, the manufacturer specifies this information.
Remember that you should not put your baby in an exersaucer until it can sit independently. At first, the child is supposed to learn how to support its body without anyone’s help.
Make sure you limit the time of using it to 15 minutes a day. This is very important but parents often neglect this recommendation. However, the study has showed that spending too much time there can bring more negative results than positive.
In addition, you must play with your baby while it’s jumping in it. Always keep them supervised to avoid injuries.
These tips are likely to help you choose an exersaucer to last you long and keep your baby safe.