At we want you to brush your teeth without worries and we have given the Jack & Jill line of toothpastes our stamp of approval for its organic, toxin-free products!
Healthy-Finds was launched in January of 2018 to connect natural healthy brands with health conscious consumers. The natural health space is crowded with misleading terms and buzzwords that serve to confuse consumers and mask the truth about what really goes into a product. Many health brands aren’t healthy at all, for you or for the planet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Healthy-Finds is committed to promoting only the best companies- we don’t believe in cutting corners.
We understand how easy it can be to overlook oral health. We get it, we’re all human. But transforming your oral health care routine can contribute enormously to your health and vitality. Strong teeth and gums are a cornerstone of holistic, full-body wellbeing. With this in mind it makes sense to invest in effective and gentle oral care products that benefit the body as a whole. Enter Jack N’ Jill organic toothpastes! At we love discovering natural health companies that take innovation and creativity to the next level. We want to sift through the options and weed out the best in class for health-conscious consumers the world over.
Jack N’ Jill was created in Melbourne, Australia and began with a simple, but powerful, vision: to provide oral health products for children that would contribute to their health, rather than pumping them full of scary-sounding chemicals, toxins, and additives.
“We felt frustrated about the lack of choice in early childhood oral hygiene and personal care. With a background in pharmacy, we set out to formulate the absolute safest products for our kids and yours. In the process, we also made safe, fun and eco friendly!” – Justin & Rachel, Jack N’ Jill Operations Team
The truth behind ‘regular’ toothpastes isn’t pretty. Controversial ingredients like fluoride are a key component in most name brand offerings. Fluoride has been linked to brain damage, genetic damage, and lower IQ in children! If that’s not frightening enough, other ingredients like triclosan and diethanolamine have been linked to hormone imbalances and bacterial resistance. And what about propylene glycol, also found in antifreeze? No thank you!
Luckily for concerned parents, Jack N’ Jill produces effective toothpastes without any of the aforementioned chemical ingredients. By investing in an organic toothpaste you are improving you and your children’s oral health while reducing your exposure to dangerous toxins. Natural ingredients and flavours like mint are soothing and purifying and they help promote a healthy oral environment.
In addition to their innovative line of toothpastes they have recently released the first ever children’s Bio Toothbrushes, which are biodegradable and recyclable featuring Non-GMO cornstarch handles. How sweet is that?
At Healthy-finds we are always on the search for companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental values and Jack N’ Jill completely fits the bill! They take their mission seriously and they use only the best BPA free, recyclable packaging whenever possible. Now that is something to smile about!