The importance of baby proofing your home can’t be underscored. It starts by protecting your baby from falling off the stairs and accessing certain rooms like the kitchen or an office. There are several types of baby safety gates and baby playpens online. The new models are stronger and safer than the older ones. Baby safety gates are made from materials like Plexiglas, steel, wood, metal, and plastic. In addition, some can close automatically and have cool features that include indicators.

You need to get safety gates once your baby starts moving around the house. This should be when your baby is six months or even earlier than that. Different factors like price and the aesthetic appeal must be taken into consideration. It’s possible to get a design that blends seamlessly with your home décor. Check out the pros and cons of the common types of baby safety gates.

  • Hardware mounted baby safety gates

Hardware mounted gates are sturdy and the installation process can be daunting. You will need to create holes in your walls. This can make the walls appear unsightly when you remove the gates. However, this can be fixed by repairing and painting. You will only need to unlock the latch to open the door. Hardware mounted baby gates are the best options for stairways. They offer more security as they are free of trip hazards.

  • Pressure mounted baby safety gates

This type of safety gate is lightweight. Their installation doesn’t involve drilling holes in the walls. They are not ideal for staircases. Ensure that your banister or door frame can offer support to the gate or else it will pose safety hazards. Pressure mounted baby gates fall into two categories namely safety barriers and U-pressure fit. The main difference between the two is that the latter has a walkthrough section for easy access.

  • Baby safety gates for irregular opening

There are certain instances where a doorway, hallway or stairway will be wider than the regular size. The solution is to get baby safety gates that are specially designed for this purpose. These types can be either pressure or hardware mounted. Alternatively, you can buy extensions for your safety gates in Australia.

  • Freestanding safety gates

A freestanding baby gate will work best if your home has an open floor plan. It is portable and can allow you to partition any area of your home to protect your baby. Another thing is that it doesn’t require doors or walls for support. Setting up the safety gate is usually completed within a few minutes. The major downsides are that it’s risky for regular use and near a staircase.

In case you have pets, opt for a safety gate that is perfect for both your baby and the pets. This is because babies can climb gates this type of gate or get choked with the tiny parts. Measuring your stairways or doorways is the key to getting the right size. Confirm that the baby safety gates Australia you buy have been approved by experts.